Famous MMA quote

He did exactly what I wanted him to do and he knocked me the fuck out

Forrest Griffin after getting KTFO by Keith Jardine

Hector Ramirez def. Rick Roufus via unanimous decision
Jay Hieron def. Chris Kennedy via unanimous decision
Mike Pyle def. Brian Gassaway via submission (armbar) — Round 1, 4:21
Josh Haynes def. Sean Salmon via submission (achilles lock) — Round 2, 2:46
Jonathan Mix def. John Halverson via TKO — Round 1, 4:25
John Alessio def. Gideon Ray via KO — Round 1, 0:45
Patrick Gonzalves def. Shawn David via submission (kimura) — Round 2, 3:51
Elena Reed def. Stephanie Palmer via TKO — Round 1, 0:56
Ryan Hess def Ian Omalza via submission (armbar) — Round 1, 3:02

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