Famous MMA quote

Look sir I really dont want anything of this, and I go ‘woosh’ like dis and I slit you throat and its over and out..

Bas Rutten

Total Martial Arts Premier Academy

At TMA we are proud to be the First Martial Arts school in Wiltshire to teach MMA and have done since 2001. With the growing popularity of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships), mixed Martial Arts classes are the fastest growing in the Martial Arts business. An MMA workout will relieve stress, give you more energy, keep you in good health and most of all it’s fun and you’ll feel satisfied. Read more about Total Martial Arts Premier Academy

striking and closing space

Been trying to learn dirty boxing for the longest, was happy to find Couture's stuff, but I had an issue because it really didn't teach you how to avoid getting hit while coming in, counter punch and defense when your not throwing blows. Fred Mathakie directed me to 52blocks.tv for MMA and I was impressed, it really filled in some gaps that I always wanted to know as a wrestler when it came to striking and closing space. Now Im looking for places to test it out, any takers? Read more about striking and closing space

Facebook Group

Hi to all! I just created a group on Facebook [Martial Arts Singapore] aimed at gathering the martial arts community in Singapore to share and exchange no matter the style and system. Become a member and post your pictures, videos, comments, events and anything that can benefit the community! Read more about Facebook Group

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