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Brian Ortega, Yair Rodriguez to Headline UFC Long Island Card on July 16

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target='_blank'>Brian Ortega, Yair Rodriguez to Headline UFC Long Island Card on July 16

A featherweight affair will headline the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s return to New York. On Thursday, UFC officials confirmed that former 145-pound title challenger Brian Ortega and Yair Rodriguez would collide in the main event of an upcoming UFC Fight Night event on July 16.

After Weeping Upon Learning It’s Scripted, Tuivasa Open To Pro Wrestling

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Tai Tuivasa could someday take his colorful personality and brute strength into the world of professional wrestling.

Any true pro wrestling historian should be all too familiar with the late, great Bam Bam Bigelow: a man known for his tattooed skull, agile movement for a man of his girth, and for his unique wrestling attire, which was arguably hijacked by none other than Kim Kardashian earlier this year.

The Wrestling Brethren Podcast on Twitter: "Kim Kardashian or Bam Bam  Bigelow? https://t.co/w9WoBoU3Jo" / Twitter
Answer: Bam Bam Wore It Better

However, there could eventually be another “Bam Bam” etched in the pro wrestling history books: none other than the UFC’s own, Tai “Bam Bam” Tuivasa.

In a recent appearance on Fine Dining With Fighters, Tuivasa emphatically answered in the affirmative when asked if he’d ever be a professional wrestler. He even confessed to openly weeping when he learned that it was all scripted (h/t MMA Mania).

“F—k yeah,” Tuivasa said on Fine Dining with Fighters when asked if he’d ever go the pro wrestling route. “I’ll be the new Rikishi, I’ll get my ass out. I love Rikishi, man. I grew up watching wrestling hard. My nana was a wrestling [fan], she still does watch. She’s crazy about it. I remember when my uncle told me it was fake, I cried for ages. I used to think they were the hardest c—ts, you know what I mean? I used to watch and just be like, ‘F—k.’ Then when he told me it was fake I started watching it and being like, ‘It’s not fake (crying).’ Then after that, I couldn’t watch it again for a long time because I was heartbroken.”

Should Tuivasa follow through on this vision and become a professional wrestler, one can only imagine the epic entrance he would own. The toughest part for the Aussie would likely be constraining his awesome taste in music by settling on one entrance song.

Once the bell rings, though, it’s pretty easy to imagine Tuivasa hiking up his tights for a Rikishi-esque stinkface to a poor opponent before putting them to sleep like he’s done many men inside the UFC Octagon.

The celebration? Some things carry over into any genre of entertainment, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Tai Tuivasa’s shoeys would be a fitting passing of the beer-filled torch from Stone Cold Steve Austin to Tai “Bam Bam” Tuivasa.

Tai Tuivasa
Yahoo! Sports

What do you think? Can you imagine Tai Tuivasa being a pro wrestler?

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Nick Diaz Teases Return Before the End of the Year, Calls Out Kamaru Usman

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target='_blank'>Nick Diaz Teases Return Before the End of the Year, Calls Out Kamaru Usman

Former Strikeforce and World Extreme Cagefighting titleholder Nick Diaz might compete before the end of the year.

ABC President Responds To Dominick Cruz’s Recent Criticisms On Judging

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ABC President Michael Mizzulli has responded to Dominick Cruz’s recent criticisms about the quality of their judges.

Athletic commissions and judging have been under heavy criticism for some time now. However, former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz, whose words carry a lot of weight, recently spoke out on the matter, specifically in regards to judges’ qualifications to score an MMA fight.

Cruz voiced his concern for having judges who aren’t experienced mixed martial artists themselves judging fights that can make or break an athletes’ career.

“The commissions set up a meeting for us announcers on the scoring system,” Cruz said. “Well, who’s setting up the meeting for the commissioner on what a takedown is? Who is setting up a meeting for the commissioner on choosing what a takedown is? That know what it feels like to get hit with a calf kick, compared to a high kick? …

“I’ve had to feel that feeling to know you have about three to five of those kicks before the muscle and the nerve pretty much shuts down.

“How many of these judges know that, know that feeling, know that after you get taken down five times by Khabib, on No. 7, even though he didn’t do any damage, it took seven takedowns to get that dude down.

“How tired is that guy? They’ve never been in that position. They don’t know how miserable that is.”

ABC President Responds To Cruz’s Comments

In response, ABC president Mike Mizzulli fired back at Cruz in a statement to MMA Junkie. Mizzulli pointed out how several referees and judges have combat sports backgrounds of their own.

“As the president of the ABC, I have to disagree with Mr. Cruz’s statements that judges have no experience in fighting,” Mazzulli said. “A fine example is Sal D’Amato.

“He’s a black belt in karate. Derek Cleary is a black belt in karate and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Eric Colon owns his own jiu-jitsu gym. Dave Tirelli owns Tiger Schulmann’s gym.

“Dave Peabody, a local judge (here) is a black belt in karate. Dan Miragliotta was a promoter and a Muay Thai fighter. Bryan Miner (was a kickboxer).

“In the future, I hope before commentators speak, they do their research.”

Mizzulli went on to explain that having experience in the sport itself doesn’t always necessarily translate to good officiating or judging of the contest. He pointed to referees and coaches in sports like basketball and football as prime examples.

“There are basketball and football coaches that have never played a snap or a game of basketball and they’re elite coaches,” Mazzulli said.

“But when it comes to judging and refereeing MMA, the people we use are highly qualified.”

Mizzulli went on to make a very interesting offer. The annual Association of Boxing Commissions Convention is set to go down in Niagara Falls this summer. Mizzulli is offering an open invitation to any fighter who would like to attend and receive a free course on how to become a judge.

“The ABC meeting is in Niagara Falls,” Mazzulli said. “As the president of the ABC, I’m inviting any fighter or commentator to attend for free and learn how to judge.

“The criteria is right on the ABC boxing website. It’s right there, so don’t tell me you can’t find it. It’s not secret.”

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Katlyn Chookagian vs. Manon Fiorot Women’s Flyweight Bout Added to UFC Paris

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target='_blank'>Katlyn Chookagian vs. Manon Fiorot Women’s Flyweight Bout Added to UFC Paris

The first ever Ultimate Fighting Championship event in Paris has just gained an interesting tilt as Katlyn Chookagian will take on Manon Fiorot in a women’s flyweight clash. A source has confirmed the matchup with Sherdog

Sean Strickland Finally Goes Too Far For Twitter

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UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland has been known to make controversial statements, but his latest got him suspended on Twitter.

Strickland, one of the top middleweight fighters in the UFC, has been known to push the envelope when it comes to his social media engagement. He often toes the line when it comes to his various comments on the state of affairs, most recently with his comments about homosexuality.

In a recent tweet, Strickland mocked those who threaten to pull out their gun when in a heated confrontation.

“‘I have a gun on me, you wouldn’t try to fight me,’ let me stop you there, I don’t try to fight anyone,” Strickland said. “If you run your mouth I give you an option to be a man and step up….If your go to is ‘grab my gun’ you’re a little bitch and the problem with the world. Pussy!!!”

While Strickland’s first tweet can be interpreted as just a harmless rant, he upped the ante with a follow-up tweet.

“I just gotta say countries that don’t have gun ownership [as] a human right really are pathetic,” Strickland said. “‘Germany hasn’t had a mass shooting’, ‘England doesn’t have mass shooting’, blah blah you also don’t have fucking men either so enjoy it you nutless trannies. That is all goodbye.”

The most-recent tweet seemed to earn the attention of Twitter, handing Strickland an indefinite suspension.

It’s unclear how long Strickland will be suspended on Twitter for his remarks. He hasn’t commented on the penalty yet on his other social media pages, including Instagram.

Strickland not only makes some fans and pundits uncomfortable but also some of his teammates. UFC flyweight Casey O’Neill recently admitted that she tries to avoid Strickland as much as possible during training at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas.

Strickland has also posted various road rage incidents he’s been involved in, including most recently with a female driver. He has also made fun of obese women.

Inside the Octagon, Strickland is one of the top 185lb contenders and could be on the verge of a title shot. He’s won six in a row, including most recently over Jack Hermansson and Uriah Hall.

What is your reaction to Sean Strickland’s Twitter suspension?

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Michael ‘Venom’ Page Calls For Storley Rematch: “I’ve Had Harder Spars”

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Bellator welterweight contender Michael ‘Venom’ Page wants to run it back with interim welterweight champion Logan Storley as soon as possible.

Page lost via split decision against Storley at Bellator 281 just weeks ago. After originally being scheduled to fight Yaroslav Amosov for the welterweight title, Page competed against Storley for the interim belt after Amosov withdrew.

Storley controlled the fight with his wrestling but was criticized by Bellator president Scott Coker and others for his lack of volume striking on the ground. Page was unable to consistently stuff takedowns and eliminate Storley’s ground game.

During a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Page gave his thoughts on the fight and what he wants next.

“I’m a very petty person,” Page said. “He’s won but not in any kind of spectacular fashion. I’ve legit had harder spars. The reason I say it that way is because physically I don’t have a bruise, I don’t have a sore, I don’t have an ache. Anything. It doesn’t even feel like I’ve had a five-round fight. That’s probably the most frustrating thing about it, is losing in a way where I know for a fact I could go into a fight this weekend and feel fine and be good to go. I know he couldn’t say the same.”

Luckily for Page, he has recently friendly history when it comes to rematches. He defeated Douglas Lima at Bellator 267 via split decision after suffering a second-round knockout to Lima at Bellator 221 just years earlier.

Before his loss to Storley, Page had picked up wins over the likes of Derek Anderson, Shinsho Anzai, and Lima. Storley and Lima are the only two opponents to defeat him in the Bellator cage.

While Page will more than likely not get his wishes in the form of a rematch with Storley right away, he seems motivated to get back into the title picture and pursue a second fight with him down the line.

How do you think a Michael ‘Venom’ Page vs. Logan Storley rematch would play out?

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Dariush Believes His Team Would Be A Convenient Fit For Tony Ferguson

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UFC lightweight contender Beneil Dariush thinks his former foe Tony Ferguson may want to consider training with him at Kings MMA.

Ferguson is looking for a fresh start following a fourth-straight loss in the UFC. Despite a strong first round against Michael Chandler at UFC 274, he suffered a brutal knockout by getting hit by a front kick to the face in Round 2.

Ferguson is searching for answers following the latest chapter of his ongoing losing skid. He’s recently shared that he’s looking for a new coaching staff and team as he looks to right the ship in his UFC career.

Dariush and Ferguson competed at UFC 262, with Dariush earning a unanimous decision victory.

During a recent interview with The Schmo, Dariush was asked what advice he would give Ferguson going forward.

“I actually think Tony has the right idea right now,” Dariush said. “He’s talking about working with a team, people that can push him. Having a head coach where he isn’t the head coach. Where he doesn’t wake up and be like ‘I feel like doing this’. Man, just because you feel something, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

UFC 262: Tony Ferguson's UFC future in major doubt following third  consecutive loss to Beneil Dariush

“Sometimes your coaches know better. Honestly, 90% of the time when I wake up in the morning, I feel like not training. Because I’m beat up and I’m old. But that’s not how it works. So it’s important to have coaches who expect things from you and you don’t want to feel that expectation. So that being said, I think it would be a great idea for him to join a team.”

Dariush went on to address that because of Ferguson’s familiarity with training in California, Kings MMA may be a convenient fit as opposed to moving across the country for a new start.

“Obviously we’re right by him, and I would never deny a guy. Even though we’re in the same division, even though we have history, I would never deny him if he wants to train here. Obviously, it’s not even about me. It’s about him coming in, putting forth a good presence with the team, with the coach. Most importantly with the coach. If he can make a connection with the coach then everything’s good. It’s not my place to speak. So, that would be my advice for Tony. I think he’s on the right path I just think he needs to find that right team and coach.”

At the moment, Dariush and Ferguson seem to be on two different career trajectories. Dariush is one win away from a potential lightweight title shot and is expected to return later this year.

While Ferguson may consider Dariush’s proposal, he already rejected an offer from Charles Oliveira to train together ahead of their next fights. Another lightweight colleague of his, Arman Tsarukyan, recently told MMA News that Ferguson should consider retirement.

Dariush is planning a return to the cage for later this year and Ferguson could potentially be a training partner of his if he chooses to join Kings MMA.

Do you think Tony Ferguson should consider training with Beneil Dariush at Kings MMA?

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PFL 5 Matchups: Bruno Cappelozza, Anthony Pettis Return

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Former UFC and WEC champion Anthony Pettis and defending PFL heavyweight champion Bruno Cappelozza will headline PFL 5 on June 24th.

The PFL announced the full fight card in a press release for the upcoming June 24th event as fighters such as Cappelozza and Pettis push for a playoff spot.

Heavyweights and featherweights will be the main features on the card, except for Pettis’ lightweight fight against Stevie Ray. Cappelozza will face Matheus Scheffel, who fell to 2021 runner-up Ante Delija at PFL 2 back in April via a second-round knockout.

Cappelozza will get a second-straight main event slot after dismantling Stuart Austin in his 2022 PFL debut. He won the 2021 PFL heavyweight title over Delija via a unanimous decision.

Pettis makes his return to the PFL cage after a first-round submission win over Myles Price. He is looking to clinch a playoff spot after failing to reach the PFL postseason last year.

Cappelozza and Pettis’ matchups will be preceded by the return of 2021 featherweight finalist Chris Wade, along with former 145lb champion Lance Palmer. Brendan Loughnane also returns against former Dana White’s Contender Series standout Boston Salmon while Bubba Jenkins faces Saba Bolaghi.

The next three PFL cards, including the June 24th card, will take place in Atlanta, GA at the Overtime Elite Arena.

What are your thoughts on the PFL 5 card on June 24th? What are your predictions for Bruno Cappelozza and Anthony Pettis?

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Marvin Vettori Rips ‘Scumbag’ Conor McGregor After Beneil Dariush Dig

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UFC middleweight contender Marvin Vettori stood up for his Kings MMA teammate Beneil Dariush after a Twitter attack by Conor McGregor.

McGregor aimed at Dariush in a since-deleted tweet following Dariush’s recent comments about Charles Oliveira’s post-UFC 274 callout of McGregor. There has been some speculation regarding McGregor’s planned return, including whether or not he’ll return at lightweight or for a move to welterweight.

Dariush was supposed to face Islam Makhachev earlier this year but withdrew due to an injury. He’s likely to return later this year and could be one win away from a lightweight title shot.

In a recent tweet, Vettori hit back at McGregor for attacking his teammate.

“What a bitch [Conor McGregor],” Vettori tweeted. “You couldn’t last 2 min with Beneil and that’s just a fact. You are scumbag, I hope to see you soon.”

Vettori and Dariush train together at Kings MMA in Huntington Beach, CA.

McGregor has been criticized for his often-personal attacks on his UFC opponents and colleagues. He infamously invoked Dustin Poirier’s family in the lead-up to their trilogy at UFC 264.

While McGregor’s deleted tweet at Dariush arguably isn’t a personal attack, it prompted a heated response from one of the most dangerous middleweights in the UFC. McGregor continues to make enemies in the promotion in which he’s arguably the biggest superstar.

What are your thoughts on Marvin Vettori’s response to Conor McGregor?

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