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Shogun Gi Competition

Hai guy!! we shogun fight gym is hosting a match on 8th March 2014, weight in will be 6th March 2014.

there will be 4 categories, Samurai, Yakuza, Ninja, Shogun

Entry fee $25 each.
each categories will have only 8 spots! participant will be allowed to join more then 1 categories. interested participant is to pay upfront asap as it is limited spot only.

each weight categories will be
50-60kg, 61-70kg, 71-80kg >

belt are limited to

1st - Katana with gold Engravings
2nd - Katana with Silver Engraving
3rd - Shogun fight gym GI

Samurai - Participant in Samurai Cat will be given 5 min to submit your opponent, ONLY submission is allowed, if no submission is execute after the given time, the most points will be selected as a winner. (With GI)

Yakuza - Participant in Yakuza Cat will be given 3 Min, Participants will fight in kickboxing or any other style is allowed, no takedown, no ground works, Attacking on the head is NOT ALLOWED. (Most Points win) (No Tshirt and top, Bare body only)

Ninja - Participants in the Ninja Cat will be given 3 min Grappling only match, rules will be BJJ rules (With GI)

Shogun - Participant in the Shogun Cat will be given 3 min, Participant is only Limited to Takedown and Pin only, NO SUBMISSION Allowed (With GI)

For any information or register, please contact SHOGUN FIGHT GYM at 94575429 or whatsapp me at 83579853

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