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Zen Do Kai Freestyle Karate & Kickboxing A true MMA

Zen Do Kai is modern form of Karate that has its roots in the traditional Japanese Karate styles, Goju Ryu and Shotokan Karate. It is heavily influenced by Muay Thai kickboxing and also incorporates techniques from Aikido, Judo, Taekwondo, jui jitsu, kung fu and other forms of martial arts. The Zen Do Kai philosophy is "if it works, we use it." Zen Do Kai students learn the best and most effective techniques from many different styles of martial arts making Zen Do Kai Karate a complete and very effective system of self defence.
Zen Do Kai is unique in its teaching methods which ensure rapid rates of learning and retention of lessons through its copyrighted system of learning. It uses plain English in the names of its techniques and forms instead of the frequently mispronounced and misunderstood Japanese words. This makes lessons universally easier to follow.

ZDK karate classes are focused entirely on self defence tactics, traditional karate katas, forms and techniques.
Zen Do Kai Kickboxing is unique among Muay Thai Schools as it is heavily influenced in its approach and teaching methods by Zen Do Kai Freestyle Karate. There is a structured syllabus that ensures beginners have a solid foundation to build on. The drills and exercises in ZDK Kickboxing methodically increase the students skills at a rapid rate. ZDK Kickboxing is a stand alone fighting art but an integral part of our Karate syllabus. ZDK Kickboxers can cross over to ZDK Karate classes and enjoy a rapid rise through the belt ranks with their prior learning.

ZDK Kickboxing class is strictly Muay Thai Kickboxing techniques, drills and sparring.
The kickboxing class can be taken as a stand alone class for those with an interest in Muay Thai or just an interesting cardio workout, but it is compulsory for students enrolled in Zen Do Kai Freestyle Karate.

In separating the two elements of Zen Do Kai, it is found to be a more effective method of teaching than cramming everything into one session.
In Karate class students learn the traditional elements of karate at a pace that enables them to fully understand and retain the subject matter, going home happy in the knowledge that they have learned their lessons well.
Kickboxing classes are more about sharpening reflexes and body conditioning with the emphasis on repetitive drills, pad work and sparring. (sparring is a choice, not a prerequisite) ZDK kickboxing classes are the perfect cardio workout for those who “just want to get fit.”

call about free introductory classes. All welcome.


Hi Everyone. Just a big thanx to all who have been training with me down at Bedok. It has been awesome, we have had 5 Ninjas, A Jeet Kune Dude, three gorgeous girls, and some seriously good kickboxers. The first session Was just me and Izzy, with another guy just watching. next session there were four, then eight, then eleven and ten on saturday. I am having a ball, though this Aussie is still struggling a bit with the Singlish accent and names. Anyway,.... if anyone wants to join us, make it this week cos I am running off to get married on Bintan and this monday and wednesday will be the last sessions until the gym opens on 14th of july. until then y'all better practice the 45 kicks routine! hahahhahahahah!

oh and take a fresh look at https://www.worldblackbelt.com/Member_Pages/PeterRobertson/default.asp
for details about the gym. Anyone who wants to train there free for the month send me your email addresses and register your interest.There are limited spaces and it will be first in first preference.
Cheers all.

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