Famous MMA quote

I felt like I was being raped by Freddy Mercury.

Tank Abbott

At TMA we are proud to be the First Martial Arts school in Wiltshire to teach MMA and have done since 2001. With the growing popularity of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships), mixed Martial Arts classes are the fastest growing in the Martial Arts business. An MMA workout will relieve stress, give you more energy, keep you in good health and most of all it’s fun and you’ll feel satisfied. At Total Martial Arts we combine the best fighting techniques with Total Body Conditioning Workouts that compliment each another perfectly, giving our students the ultimate body workout.

A personal welcome from Sifu Antony Child, Master Instructor.

"Let me tell you, training at Total Martial Arts Premier Academy can be life transforming. It has been amazing to see the positive effect it has had on people. At TMA our aim is to teach the most advanced martial arts in a fun and friendly environment. With over 45 years martial arts experience we know how to deliver phenomenal results fast"

If your goals are Self Protection, Thai Boxing, Kung Fu , Filipino or the best in MMA then we have a class for you. Our instructors are professionally trained ,fully insured and led by master instructor Sifu Antony Child – 5th degree black belt and coach level 2 under the world Shooto champion Eric Paulson – trainer of UFCs Brock Lesnar. Mr Child is also qualified under many world-renowned coaches in various other systems such as JKD, Thai, Filipino etc.

So if you are interested in the best training in Self Protection methods, MMA, cutting edge Thai Boxing or Jun Fan Kung Fu, classes or 1-2-1 private instruction, come to us.


call us: 01793 522662 ‎

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